Here are some book reveiws:

Harry Potter Series: The Harry Potter Series is about a boy named Harry Potter and he does not know that he is a wizard. He finds out soon enough and he is accepted to Hogwarts! Read it to find out more!

Out of The Dust: A very heartfelt book. A girl named Billle Jo is living in the dust. Everything is dust. She loves to play piano. But once a bucket of kerosene is left by the stove her life falls apart.

Fever 1793: Matilda lives at the Cook Coffeehouse in Philedelphia. But when yellow fever strikes what will she do? Book By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Three Cups Of Tea: About a guy who tries to climb K2. And his adventures with that. Please read this book!
Note: The reason I cannot supply you with much info is because I read this book a while ago!

The Mysterious Benedict Society: I am still reading this book I REALLY like it so far. The Mysterious Benedict Society is about these four children, Reynie, Sticky,Kate and Constance and they are chosen (through some tests) to complete a very hard journey... To stop Ledroptha Curtain from taking over people minds. Please read... It is SO good.